Bill approval and payments

Manage, review and remit payment for all bills pertaining to the property.


Bi-monthly property inspections and reports

Conduct comprehensive inspections bi-weekly and deliver a detailed inspection report with findings.


Attending board meetings

We attend all board meetings and generate a detailed report documenting important matters, discoveries and other notes.


Preparation of computerized monthly accounting and record keeping

We utilize the most efficient and up-to-date software to streamline your financials.


Coordination of special meetings

Coordinate periodic meetings in order to properly handle any issues that may arise and require the immediate attention of the board.


Preparation and maintaining of newsletters

Design and maintain an engaging newsletter that reaches each member of the HOA, Board of Directors and other relevant associations to enhance the sense of community and in turn help the HOA achieve its primary function; to sustain and improve property values.


24 hour emergency service

We maintain a 24 hour hotline to deal with all emergencies that affect the health, safety and welfare of each community.


Compliance services

Ensure that your community is in compliance with all local, state and federal government regulations across the board.

Preparation and acquisition of bids for repairs and services

Obtain and deliver a minimum of three bids per service from licensed, insured and certified vendors in order to manage all improvements, repairs and modifications necessary to best maintain property.  We will manage the bid and contract process, secure board approval, evaluate proposals, supervise contracted work and report results.


Supervision of outside contractor performance

Ensure your property is clean, well maintained, and operating efficiently at all times through oversight of all outside contractors and vendors.


Assessment collection and delinquency report

Generate letters outlining the total amounts owed by the any delinquent homeowners which will include assessments, late fees, interest and collection costs.  Each letter also provides a disclosure statement as required by state and federal law, ensuring that each case is handled professionally and effectively.


Email address for each property

A dedicated email address will be created for each community to allow for the best possible individualized service for each and every property at all times.


Association website development

We can design and maintain a community website providing a cohesive environment for your residents to share, interact, provide feedback and communication with one another.


Design services

Our experienced, award-winning team of designers can provide any level of outdoor design services from complete master plans to small capital improvements to your property.